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Weekly Cheat Sheet: 1/16/22 (Free preview)

Have previously posted these in the Discord but felt they'd be more useful to distribute in the form of a blog post. Last week's cheat sheet (seen below) featured 7 winners and 1 loser so we'll look to keep up the pace with the names on the sheet for this week.

To start, here is a recap of last week's cheat sheet:

DKNG was a loser, but still one that can be managed, and SFIX is highlighted yellow and counted as neither a winner nor a loser because it could be rolled down and out for a credit.

Here is our cheat sheet for the upcoming week in the market:

Since this is the first cheat sheet we're distributing in the blog post we'll leave it open to everyone, but in the future these will only be visible to HT Premium members. If you would like to sign up for HT premium, click here.


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