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Hourglass Trader

Learn a smart, consistent, and profitable approach to selling options

Trade Ideas

Weekly and Daily Trade Ideas to help you plan your attack


We call out what trades to make and when to make them so you'll be ready to take advantage.


New to option selling? Our videos and write-ups will help you become a pro in no time.

24/7 CHatroom

Join our community of like-minded investors with all different levels of experience in our 24/7 Discord Server.

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Win Rate YTD

Greater return than NASDAQ since
July 2020



Return since trades
began being tracked publicly

Greater return than
S&P 500 since
July 2020


JoyfulCondor, Premium Member

Hourglasstrader has created a great community for learning the mechanics of high-probability options trading. Combined with the insightful discussions and variations on the strategy being offered by many members, I have been following the chat daily for over a year. I have made over $100,000 from these strategies, beating the S&P500 returns over the last year. I recommend this to beginners with smaller portfolios as well as experienced traders wanting to get into high-probability options trading.


Jules, Premium Member

HT is my most treasured online community. We create magic together as we collect premiums that allow us to turn our dreams into realities. HT holds our hand as we venture into the incredible world of financial freedom. The fact that I reached the $250,000 profit group in just 8 months should be testimonial enough to the extraordinary brain power of this group.


Cliffo, Premium Member

I signed up with HourglassTrader in February of this year. After 7 months I can say it was the best choice for investing I have made in years. The HT strategy and trade alerts help you make consistent gains every month and I have reached over $250,000 in profits since joining.

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